Update/Relaunch! (May 2022)

Hey everyone!

As most of you might already have noticed, I've completed the first update since what seems like an eternity. Depending on the point of view you could even call it a relaunch, since this version marks the starting point of the actual game, as opposed to the demo, which was  scene taken from some point mid-game for presentation purposes. To make it even more  on point that this is something new it also comes with a title change, to better tie it into the story (and maybe to set it of gainst the growing number of games referencing stars in the title).

It's not too long in terms of playtime, maybe a tad bit longer than the demo, so between fifteen and twenty minutes depending on reading speed. More scenes will be added as they are finished, as always,

Sorry it took so long. There was a literal ton of graphics and assets to create, features to (re)script and bugs to hunt down (and everyday life demanding attention in between). I'm doing what I can, but I'm only one person.

On another note, I had to discontinue the Android version, since it runs really bad on mobile and requires too much customisation, extra work that is better spent on working on the main game. I'll pick it up again once I've found a solution and/or have the time to properly optimize it.

Anyway, thanks for your patience and support, hope you enjoy the entrance into the story.

Every adventure begins with an arrival.

P.S.: If you encounter any bugs, please write a post on the game's Discord server, along with a description how it was triggered, if possible.


The Farthest View - v0.3.1 (May 2022) 118 MB
May 09, 2022

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Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.

I have to say that compared to others vn which I saw and played, this one really looks like a gem. All the backgrounds, animations and characters designs are just giving an incredible vibe. I love setting of this distant lonely island and based on this but also first update I can tell that this story looking really promising. And I cannot stop praising your caring for all of the details - designee of phone and map just sold me this project ;D 

Cannot wait to see next updates!!!


Oh, this isn't dead!  Looks incredibly polished so far, thanks for the work on it!  Can't wait to see how things progress!