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It was supposed to be a vacation like any other...

The Farthest View is a story driven interactive visual novel merged with point & click mechanics and relationship building presented in a combination of furry and anime art style.

Following the invitation of a classmate, Thomas and his best friend set out on a trip to Nightfall, a remote island somewhere in the Northern Atlantic, to celebrate their recent graduation. Soon upon arrival they discover that there's more to the island than its rough landscape and equally rough inhabitants, and the lack of internet reception will soon be their least concern. As the three of them repeatedly start experiencing strange blackouts, the local stories of strange apparitions and haunted places suddenly don't feel that far out anymore.
What starts out as a harmless summer adventure soon turns into a perilous quest for the truth as Thomas and his friends set out to uncover the island's best kept secret - a secret that might impact more than just their own lives...

Main Features

  • Adaptive story with flexible, intertwining character arcs: Concentrate on one single character or spend your time with everyone equally - the choice is yours.
  • Freely explorable, interactive handdrawn environments.
  • Photomode: Find picture taking spots, take pictures and analyse them for clues. Show them to other NPCs to unlock new dialogue options and advance the story.
  • In-game collectibles: Find all to unlock additional story events.
  • Relationship building with four characters. Decide yourself how far you will take things. Just deepen your friendship or take it further to a more intimate level. Either way will have a lasting impact on the other characters as well as the final outcome.

Update December 2023:

The game is now officially in hiatus. I can't say if or when there is going to be another update, although I intend to continue work on this project at some point. As of now, however, I can't give an estimate when this is going to be.

I apologize to everyone who was looking forward for the game to continue in the near future.

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The Farthest View - v0.3.2 (July 2022) 118 MB

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