Build 0.2.9 Update

Hey once again!

Time for a new (and probably final regarding the demo) update. Though it might not look it at first sight, there's quite a lot been going on behind the scenes.

Most noticeable there's now a proper settings menu with audio, text speed and resolution settings as well as an option for a windowed mode (restricted to 16:9 aspect ratios for now to prevent messing up the UI). This can be accessed from anywhere in the game, as opposed to previously only being available on the start screen menu. Also finally included is the much needed skip function for dialogs and (most) cutscenes, which should make second playthroughs more comfortable.

Though not directly visible, the biggest addition however is switching to a completely new save system. While this won't affect the checkpoint based autosave system, the saving process behind the scenes is now much more automated than the previous one. This means less manual adjustments, which reduces the likelyness of bugs and developement time spent on saving and loading. It took quite some time getting the new save system to work properly on all platforms (overall almost a full month and a considerable amount of my vacation), especially Android gave me some headache up to the point where I thought about putting the mobile version on hold indefinitally. But I think it was worth the time and should pay off in the long run.

Other than that most changes are general optimization of game engine and future workflow, like making display and animation of characters less complicated, switching to a less memory consuming text component and automating parts of the UI. There are also some minor bugfixes, adaptation and addition of some dialogue lines and general gameplay optimizations.

Apart from fixing possibly remaining bugs, this pretty much concludes the demo as intended (which quite developed since publishing the first build). With the main framework of the game set up, I'm going to finally fully concentrate on the actual first chapter of the full game.

Starting some build versions ago I attached a feedback form to the game (which can also be foud at the bottom of the game description on this site) and received quite a bit of response since. So first of all thanks to everyone of you who took the time to offer your thoughts about the game. Your answers provided some valuable insights about which parts of the game develope into the right direction and what might need some adjustment, without compromising the core elements of the game. Some of the provided feedback already has been implemented into the new update, while other suggestions might find their way into the full game.
The Feedback Form is still open, so you've still got the chance to add some thoughts of your own.

See you around and take care of yourselves :3

CHANGELOG ver.0.2.9 08/2020

- Added text speed control, resolution settings and windowed mode to the settings menu
- Included ingame settings menu, accessible throughout the game instead of previously only in the startup menu
- Included skip mode for dialogues and sequences
- Converted save system to a new, automated and less prone to bugs version
- Converted all text to Text Mesh Pro for sharper and more flexible text display
- Modified new game setup menu
- Optimized general setup and handling of character animations
- Various small bugfixes, minor changes of dialogs


When the Stars (Demo) 0.2.9 - Windows 72 MB
Aug 14, 2020
When the Stars (Demo) 0.2.9 - macOS 75 MB
Aug 14, 2020
When the Stars (Demo) 0.2.9 - Android 78 MB
Aug 14, 2020

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