Feedback Time! - Survey & Discussion

Hey everyone!

The demo is out for a while, so I'd like to take the opportunity to gather some more feedback. What did you like about the game so far? What did you miss? What would you like to see more of, which parts not so much? How did you like the setting and the characters, did you experience any difficulties, be it bugs or gameplay mechanics?
I'm aware that the demo doesn't provide too much content for an in-depth discussion on the characters and story yet, but I'd be interested in how you feel about the general direction. Since I've already moved to working on the full game, your feedback will help immensely, since this is the best time to evalue where improvements have to be done.

If you don't know where to start or don't want to write a lengthy text and want a more guided approach, I've prepared a short Feedback Form with a few more specific questions. It's completely anonymous and will only take you a couple of minutes.

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

By the way, you can also join the game's Discord server to leave feedback, ask questions about the game or just say hello.


When the Stars (Demo) 0.2.7b - Win64 72 MB
Mar 05, 2020
When the Stars (Demo) 0.2.7b - Win32 69 MB
Mar 05, 2020
When the Stars (Demo) 0.2.7b - macOS 72 MB
Mar 05, 2020
When the Stars (Demo) 0.2.7b - Android 65 MB
Mar 05, 2020

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