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This game looks gorgeous. I will watch your progress with great interest.

Can you adapt a version compatible with Windows x86 32 bit? I can't play the game with the version you have posted... 

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Sure, thanks for the heads up. I just uploaded a 32bit version right now that should work for you. Just let me know if you should encounter any problems, and thanks for your interest. :3

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Thank you! Will do. I have a question, though: why are all the romanceable characters so slim and twinky (no offense meant) I would've hoped for some meat on their bones...

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Not sure if this is a satisfying answer, but there's no single reason for this. Mostly it's owed to the Anime influence stylewise, where the slim type is more common, but it's also because of there already being quite a number of bara style games out there (almost exclusively as far as furry themed visual novel type games are concerned). So in a way I'm also aiming to fill the niche on the other end of the scale. Lastly, to some degree it's simply personal stylistic preference.

In any way, I hope the characters are going to have enough redeeming qualities of their own besides their build to make up for it, especially since the main focus of the final game will lie more on the overall story than on the romancing part. ;3

So far it's good, I only was curious about it. Thanks for answering though. :) 

merry Christmas to you hope that you have a wonderful holiday and that I hope that your project continues to grow hope that I can get a chance to play it sometime for Mac too 😁

Thank you, merry Christmas and happy holidays to you, too. ^^ And thanks for your continuing interest. I actually just uploaded the mac version of the demo, so you can give it a try anytime you like. :3

Yay I can’t wait to give it a play best Christmas gift ever hehe 😁😁

hey there just wanted to say that i happened to come across your game while scrolling through itch and after reading about it i thought it sounded interesting and might wanna give it a try but i wanted to know if the game supports mac as well before i attempted to download it cuz i have a mac and wasn't sure if if i was gonna be able to play the game or not if it isn't will there ever be a version to be able to play it on mac if not its ok :)


Heya, thanks for your interest in the game. There actually is a mac version planned really soon. I still have to get around to test it properly to make sure everything works as it should before putting it up for download. Probably look into it over the holidays. :3

Hey there thanks for getting back to me and oh yay I’m looking forward to it I’ll Be sure to keep my eyes peeled then can’t wait to give  it a try when you’re able to upload a Mac version 😁😁

Yay ! it's finally out ~ it WAS pretty delayed compared to the supposedly release date, but overall i really love this.

I can't seem to take the photo at the beginning, any advice? 

Same thing happened to me I think it's a glitch


Taking the photo should work just fine, I just tested it again. What may be a bit misleading is there are actually two photospots in the scene. One of those (the more obvious one) won't work on purpose, since it's too far away for a close-up shot. Just keep searching for the second one (try the rocky part near the exit to the path up the cliffs). I'm going to add some kind of a hint to make this more obvious.

Hope that helps. :3 If that still doesn't work, I can help you better if you clarify the problem a bit further.

Apperently when choosing to talk Jules  taking the photo is working  fine but talking to Aaron prevents me taking  the photo


Have you already tried the updated build I uploaded yesterday (fh_demo_0.2.3)? I checked it just now, it should work with both conversation paths now. If the problem still persists, I would recommend using the bug report group on Discord (you can find the link above) to describe when and where it occurs exactly, so I can track down the issue.

Ok thanks

Does Anyone know if or why the demo was delayed?

The demo is online now, you can give it a try anytime, if you like. :3 As for why it was delayed, I've posted a short entry in the dev log above.

Oh wow, time goes by so fast. I'm so glad first demo will coming out soon ^^ 

Greetings from a fellow Austrian ^^

Very excited for the demo release, looked very stunning at EF25!

You mentioned a Patreon below, is it up yet? Because I cannot find it whereever I look (or I am blind) :D

Hey, nice hearing from you again. ^^ Hope you guys enjoyed the con, thanks again for your support and interest. :3

Patreon isn't online yet, I'm goint to put it up together with the demo. (I guess I should have mentioned that somewhere in the text.) I'm doing my best keeping the schedule for the release, which should be around two more weeks from now.

I'm also going to send out a newsletter, once everything is set up and ready, so you won't miss it. :3

does this mean the demo is free but we have to pay for full game ?

Basically, yes. Creating this game takes a lot of time and effort, and though I develop the main bulk of the game myself, there are still things that need to be paid for (e.g. music), so unfortunately I cannot afford releasing the full game for free. I aim to keep pricing reasonable though, so don't worry. :3 Also, supporters on Patreon will receive their own free copy (I'm going to post more on this soon).

Looking great! can't wait for more update >w<

Thank you Unisama ^^ We're working very hard on our prototype and should be able to show more very soon.

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