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Pleas erelease a new Update soon. I'm really interested in the Story of this. Also i love the Art Style and the Idea of animals being like humans. Keep on with the Work Please.

It's look really promising. Happy to see new update! :D

Recently found this project a few weeks ago and wasn't dissapointed before the change, hope to see more in the future.

Oh I thought this was a new vn lmao.

Well, in a way it is, since before it was just a preview, now it's the first update of the actual game. But I admit it can be a bit misleading with the changed title. ;3

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Yea, there's no update though, but I'l look forward to the next update! 

I'm not sure what you mean with no update. There's the old prototype demo that won't be updated anymore and, newly added, the starting chapter of the actual game, which is the most recent update.

Oops, I didn't see the DL my bad, I meant was there's no update on the demo. XD

Woo it's back!

And with new title it looks like

Yes! Yes! It's alive!

Thank you!

Played the beta version and found it pretty interesting. It'll be great if one day a full chapter will be released or something like that. If there is anything we fans can help with, please do ask.


yeah this game is fucking dead

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I can assure you, the game is not dead until officially stated so. Like I have repeatedly mentioned before, I'm just one person working on this project alone in my spare time beside my day job. While I spend as much time as I can working on it, creating a game like this takes time, and I can do only so much. I can only ask for your patience, once I have enough new material worth an update, this will be the first place to find it. 

Just played this, looks like it has amazing potential!  Thanks for working on it!

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I have some feedback.

First of all, stellar production, very promising VN!
I love the characters. Maybe put one of them on the cover, since they're so attractive? It might help draw people in, I know it would apply to me.

The graphics are so nice! I love the art style, and the moving backgrounds.

There's a audio loop of moving water, and it's very obvious when the loop restarts, as there's a cut or an abrupt sound at the end.

I encountered some bugs as well, but I guess it's to be expected when building a game from the ground up.

Unity is certainly capable than much more than the still image game play that Ren Py can offer.


After I took a picture of the little figurine, and the daydream/nightmare occurred, the screen goes white. The first time, the screen stayed white and I had to kill the game.
Next time, the dialogue sort of bunched up, multiple textboxes superimposed on each other, as I remember. I did get to move on though.


This is subjective, take it with a grain of salt.

I admit I skipped through the tutorial, since it kept bugging me. I prefer to find things out by myself, and not be forced to read a bunch of messages, when I want to advance the story instead. I was getting increasingly impatient about it, and just skipped through it after a while, since it felt like control was taken from me, and I was put through school. Again, I much prefer less hand holding, so this is subjective.


Lastly, I've been enjoying various VN's posted on this site for the last year or so. I've been thinking of offering to produce music for a VN. I noticed you already have some music. If you'd like, I'm offering to produce some more. Free of charge for now, I'm only looking to contribute for the joy of it.

I have a soundcloud that admittedly I haven't been posting much on for years, but there are a couple of new minor projects on there;

I'm mostly on Youtube these days, but that's a different style of music less suited for a visual novel. Anyway that was just an offer, you mayb already have what you need in that department.

I wish you all the best with the project!


Hey sorry to bother you again but I'm curious about when we can expect any form of update to this game.  I dont mean to be rude, I just really look forward to exploring this VN some more when its possible 

at this point, sounds more like it is a failed project, which is a shame, showed some real potential.


Just to prevent any misinformation being spread: The project is still alive and work on the actual game is still ongoing. Since I'm just a single person with a dayjob creating this game in my free time, development is naturally going at a slow pace, and I can't make even a rough estimate how long it is going to be until the next update, much less when the full game is going to completed (the latter might take years, no illusion there). It will be done, when it's done. ;3

That doesn't mean however that the project is dead.

that at least is very good news to hear. thank you

By demo, do you mean it's not finished? And that the finished version will be available later, or that there is a finished version somewhere else, and this is a taste of it

Yes, it's still very much work in progress, so the finished version will be available at some later point. I'm working on the game in my freetime beside my dayjob, so unfortunately I can't give an estimated release date. I will post any new update here on this site, once there is one, so you won't have to search anywhere else.

No trouble uwu you aren't some robot, you got a life to live outside of your hobbies and the people that enjoy your work uwu

I'm glad you came back. Really. Please finish this masterpiece for us. ♡

Accidently my browser brang up your main page, it wasn't even opened, so i decided to check on here and i found a miracle. ♡

is this the only game, just a demo an no regular game of this game? Like no actual full game of this?


Currently, yes. The full game is still in the works and it's still going to take some time until the actual first chapter is finished. So in the meantime there's only the demo available.

ok, thank you for letting me know 

I'm confused, is this game cancelled?

This might be a somewhat late reply, but hopefully will be still of interest. The game is not cancelled and is actually still in the works, so there is going to be more, eventually. In any case, thanks for your interest. :3

No worries, just glad to hear this game is still alive and kicking 


it's the only news i got from the dev xd

Gosh i really enjoy visual novels. I hope it get continue and we get a final game. Well, i can't wait for it!

oh also one more thing, do you have a realse date/ date for more content? 

I want to know that too. I'm dying, really. I want to play that. I want to reborn in a world like that. T-T

i love this VN so far, even with it being fairly short. some of the fetures involved are def unique compared to other VNs and i love them aswell. however the demo only took 5 mins to run through fully, nothing wrong with that im just checking to see if thats correct or am i being an idiot and missing something?

Who exactly can I romance?

love this vn and i really want to play more but it's so short hope for we can start the first chapter soon and you do a great job (sorry for my bad english)

Wow, I really love this VN so much! It's so cute❤️❤️!! But I have questions, will you release the 18+ content in android? How many love interest? Is this game free? 

I'm sorry if I keep asking questions of this game😅, and sorry if my grammar it's not good. It's a good story though, I'm so excited for the full game! I hope you have a good health there! 

Thank you so much for liking the game. ^^

As for your questions, of course 18+ content will be on Android too, once there is any; there won't be a difference in content between platforms. Though I most likely will have to focus on the desktop versions first, since the Android port still causes some trouble and will have to get optimized properly.

There are going to be four love interests, if verything goes as planned. ;3

Since a release date is still some time away, I can't say yet if it's going to be free at completion. The next updates will be though. :3

Oh, I see. It was beautiful though.

I love this VN, but the android version needs to get optimized so bad 

or maybe it's my device? I don't know , I still love what I played 

Ill keep an eye out for this one for sure! As far as the description goes and the pics look here it looks great! I dont know if i wanna spoil myself with the Demo yet or rather wait more to play more of it at once later.... i hope you will countinue this Game and dont get Overloaded with it! Single man projects are tedious so take your time, the worst things ever is to see such a project die down sooooo even small steps are okay! :3 (Imo)

Ohh I want this, can't wait for it to be releaced. Btw the strong male same-sex innuendo thing what does that mean? That the main chaacter is the seme or that all the other characters are?

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Thanks a lot. ^^ And it's basically just a fancy way of saying that there's gonna be gay content of any kind. As for the seme/uke part, this kind of depends on the characters and maybe can in part be influenced by the player themselves, though this is not yet decided.

Hey how to get the full game?? I kept playing a demo over and over :(

Hey! Thanks for your interest in the full game. The short answer is, not at all, yet. The game is still in development and will be so for quite a while longer. I usually upload new content as soon as it's ready, so if there's something you don't find here, it's because it's not done yet. ;3

Thanks hehe it's really a good game so far :) 

seems to really make my galaxy book 2 run very hot.  i am guessing this nees to be played on something wiht a graphics card.

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Yes, there can still be issues on some Android devices (I'm not yet sure, what the limiting factor is - on the mid-range tablet and phone I used for testing, it runs mostly fine).
Primarily the game was eveloped for desktop systems and optimizing for Android is not quite easy as there are so many different configurations on the market. If you experience performance trouble on mobile, it's probably better to switch to one of the desktop versions.

that is a windows tablet, not android tablet.

This might well be the explanation here. While under Android the game tries to compensate for weaker system specs by reducing graphics quality etc., under Windows it runs at the highest quality setting by default. For a convertible like the Galaxy Book this might be a bit more strain than under a desktop Windows setup. Unfortunately there isn't really a workaround at the moment other than maybe trying one of the lower resolution settings.

thank you for the feedback, Really am looking forward to the full release of this vn.  it is really unique and stunning from what i have seen.  

Thanks, I'm really glad you like it so far. Full release will still take a while, but don't worry, there's more to come, eventually. :3

but futher on love the demo so far real great story and everything keep up the good work

is the content still not available in the demo not that i mind just curious

Which content are you referring to specifically? If you mean 18+ content, since the demo doesn't contain any respective scenes, that's something to be saved for the main game. ;3 But thanks, glad you like it so far. :3

Is there a specific update day every month?

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As it stands, there is no fixed update schedule. Since I'm only one person working on the game beside my dayjob, I never know how much time I can allocate each month, so updates are going to be somewhat irregular. You can follow the game or watch the dev logs on this site to get notified, when there's a new update.

Ok, thanks for the information. :3

I did enjoy this new update for the game and the new features are a nice touch. I appreciate the amount of work you and others put into this novel. I do hope you make a patreon soon for this novel b/c i would definitely support it. I wish you and your team the best of luck in making this novel and please stay safe. Again thank you for making this novel <3

Hey all. Anyone else having problem launching The game on Android. But a new tablet 2 days ago and even this one cant start it. 

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Hey there! Is the issue that the game doesn't start after installing or that the installation file couldn't be opened at all? For the latter, you could check the permission settings on your phone for installing files not downloaded trhough the google play store (android is a bit picky in that regard). You can check here, if youre unsure how to do this. Otherwise it should work just fine on more recent devices. For any other issues, you can contact me directly.

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Hey! Sorry for being so slow to reply. No i can downlosd it and Install without any issues. Its when i launch it. I get a White screen and it crashes

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Have you tried waiting for a bit during the white screen? The game takes a while to load, usually up to 30 seconds on a mid-range phone (could be even longer depending on the device). I've added a loading indicator for future builds to make this a bit clearer. I can't think of any other reason why it would hang already on startup at two separate devices. But if the problem persists, I'm going to look into it more.

M able to install it but it closes once it goes to main menu i tried several times but either a blank screen or it force closes i was able to rwad it though using my another phone with higher specs. my current phonewich it crashed has only 1gb ram the other one where i read it has 3 gb  i think the game has troubles running on low spec s phone (sorry if o have wrong grammar not english speaker)

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Hey there! Thanks for pointing this out. Unfortunately, 1gb ram is probably not enough to run the game on Android without issues. I tested it on a mid-range phone with 3gb, where it runs just fine, but I wouldn't recommend going much lower than this.

The game was initially developed to be played primarily on desktop and thus contains a high amount of high resolution graphics, transparency and animations. While this isn't a problem on PC, on Android this takes up a lot of memory, so phones with lower specs might not be able to handle it.

I'm going to add some recommended specs to the download instructions with the next build as a guideline.

Hey, Nine Inch Tails! Very nice game, the design is outstanding and the story is very well-written. Can't wait to see more! :D

Thanks for your kind words! The next update introducing some more functionality should be done quite soon. Following this I hope to be able to show some more new content before long.

Hi Nine Inch Tails, just wanna say i really enjoy your novel, both the design and how its written, despite how short it is. Would you eventually make a patreon for this novel? I was also wondering if you wanted to join a furry VN discord server, a lot of novelist go there to get help on  their projects and its also a nice place to know others.

I wish you the best in your future endevors 

Hey! I'm glad you like the game so far. :3 Also thanks for your interest in a patreon. I'm planning to provide some means to support development in the long run, which most likely will include a Patreon. Though this I'll postpone setting this up until I'm done finalizing the game mechanics (which should be quite soon) to avoid some pressure. ;3

Incidentally, you can already find me on the Furry VN server on Discord (look for my artist name Imiak); I'm not that active there very often, though. ^^

Thanks again!

Hey Nine Inch Tails, first of all, with respect, you have a name that is difficult to remember and write, and then your game has a very interesting story, even if there is a very short demo, and then always with all the respect and know that mine is just an observation, on the home page there are 2 images that are not present in the demo and above all you also see 2 of the characters that you do not meet even once in the demo. As I said mine are alone non-critical remark I have what.

However I hope with all my heart that you will continue.

Thanks for your interest in the story, there's definitely more to come, even if it's gonna take some time. As for the images and chracters on the page, the description and pictures shown there are for the whole game, so naturally not all of it is included in the demo. But they will be introduced, once I have finished the first regular chapter.

Keeps crashing on android :(

Strange, so far it seemed to work fine on most devices. Can you provide a bit more detail at which point exactly the game crashes (at start up, during gameplay, etc.), so I can look into it? Please use the bug report form at the bottom of the game description or here.

Can't open file on android.

Please try to provide a bit more detail, like which Android version, hardware etc. you use, so I can try help you figuring out, where the problem lies. You can either use the bug report form or send me a note.

I'm using a Samsung S10e, when It finishes download; it would say "Can't open this file". The closes I can get to "somewhat" opening the file is using RAR opener but that would just show the codings and how many words you have used, etc.

The phone shouldn't be the issue. From what I see that message sounds like you might need to give your phone permission to open .apk files that have not been downloaded through google play store. Look here on how to do this on most phones. Hope that helps. :3

when is the full game coming out? <3

Really good work. The characters are not annoying, the artwork is beautiful, interesting photomode mechanic. Especially thanks for the character drawing style! I am not a fan of hypertrophied bodies. So yes, I like what I see. Keep up the good work. Stay safe!

Hey there! I can't play the game due to screen resolution issues (my notebook has a 3000x2000 screen) and because of that, some content are hidden (Like the camera on the upper right of the screen). Is there a way to change the resolution of the game? So far, I haven't been able to find a solution. Thanks in advance! :3

Thanks for your interest. :3 Unfortunately for now the game only supports 16:9 aspect ratio, since it's most commonly used. I'll look into it if I can find a solution, though this might take till the next build update. Have you tried if the mobile version works for you instead?

Sadly I own an Iphone, so unless there is a way of playing in ios that idk of, I can't try it for now :( I'll just follow you and wait for a update I guess :P

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Não tem modo para jogar em janela ao invés de tele cheia?

Apesar de fazer tanto tempo que já deve ter resolvido isso. heheh Eu uso um emulador de android Bluestack mas vive dando problema ele.

No meu Positivo Twist as telas de apresentação ficam cortadas até entrar na tela de opções que fica tudo normal a partir dai. Eu acho. Heheh

acho que na nova versão eles introduziram um seletor de resolução se não me engano, fica um pouco cortado ainda por meu note ser 3000x2000 mas é melhor que nd

Can't wait for more progress I'll support all the way I can 😁 I played the demo and it was fantastic, hoping for more progress 

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far. As far as more progress is concerned, I've just uploaded a new update. There's not too much new content, but I've added a couple of new features. Story progress is still going to take a while, but I'm constantly working on it. :3

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