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So I can't even get past day one...?

Hi, is the game still going?


Hey, thanks for asking. Yes, as long as it doesn't say otherwisehere on the page, it is still going. Next update is still going to take a while longer, though. Maybe I can manage a short one at some point early next year.

Good to hear!

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I was trying to play this on joiplay cuz my laptop is being held together by duct tape I assumed it was ren'py boy was I mistaken I'm genuinely impressed on how THE FUCK you were able to make a VN with FUCKING ADOBE PHOTO SHOP AND UNITY HOW THE FUCK DID THIS MANS/WOMANS MAKE A DAMN VN WITH UUUNNIITTTYY AND PHHOTTOOOSHOOP sir/ma'am/them I applaud your ability to make two separate programs that are completely unrelated and incompatible to make a damn vn

Edit there was an android version genuine question where tf did it go


I'm nobody important, but this made me chuckle. Have a like!


Its been awhile, looks like I've missed some updates as you are revising the story for the third? fourth? time, as well as what I had thought was the initial premise for the end has changed, still mysterious, but perhaps not as dark.  Once you get back to day 5 (the initial Demo) I am still willing to give a Donation for continued support for further development.  There is still not much to be seen, but there is still that same captivating feeling of wonder.  That feeling of being drawn to the character and their story is what I live for, to see into other worlds.


Is there a version for Mac?


Not for now, but I'd consider adding a macOS version at some later point, likely with the next update.


You can run the game with crossover. It runs without a hiccup.

HoW do I download the Android version 💀

Unfortunately there is no Android version of the game, since it didn't perform well on most phones and would have taken a lot of extra work and reduced features to make it run reasonably. So for the time being there's only the desktop version.

I love the atmosphere and the dynamics of story telling! Very well done! Keep it up! 

looks great.


This is a very nice start; I would say that I did experience the same bug as RealityBender, though, where Thomas at the boat rail would be visible over the loaded save game.


The new version (v0.3.2) should fix that problem, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks! Good luck with the game.

Yeah this has amazing potential


I finished the game and loaded the auto save and this happened:

As of v0.3.2 this should be fixed. Sorry it took a while.

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ahhhh no mac version crying was just about to download

With Crossover, it runs fine on Mac. However, there are bugs when running with DXVK and Wine. It gets stuck at the scene where the three arrive on the island. I am using the windows 10 64bit config.

Pleas erelease a new Update soon. I'm really interested in the Story of this. Also i love the Art Style and the Idea of animals being like humans. Keep on with the Work Please.

It's look really promising. Happy to see new update! :D

Recently found this project a few weeks ago and wasn't dissapointed before the change, hope to see more in the future.

Oh I thought this was a new vn lmao.

Well, in a way it is, since before it was just a preview, now it's the first update of the actual game. But I admit it can be a bit misleading with the changed title. ;3

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Yea, there's no update though, but I'l look forward to the next update! 

I'm not sure what you mean with no update. There's the old prototype demo that won't be updated anymore and, newly added, the starting chapter of the actual game, which is the most recent update.

Oops, I didn't see the DL my bad, I meant was there's no update on the demo. XD

Woo it's back!

And with new title it looks like

Yes! Yes! It's alive!

Thank you!

Played the beta version and found it pretty interesting. It'll be great if one day a full chapter will be released or something like that. If there is anything we fans can help with, please do ask.


yeah this game is fucking dead

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I can assure you, the game is not dead until officially stated so. Like I have repeatedly mentioned before, I'm just one person working on this project alone in my spare time beside my day job. While I spend as much time as I can working on it, creating a game like this takes time, and I can do only so much. I can only ask for your patience, once I have enough new material worth an update, this will be the first place to find it. 

Just played this, looks like it has amazing potential!  Thanks for working on it!

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I have some feedback.

First of all, stellar production, very promising VN!
I love the characters. Maybe put one of them on the cover, since they're so attractive? It might help draw people in, I know it would apply to me.

The graphics are so nice! I love the art style, and the moving backgrounds.

There's a audio loop of moving water, and it's very obvious when the loop restarts, as there's a cut or an abrupt sound at the end.

I encountered some bugs as well, but I guess it's to be expected when building a game from the ground up.

Unity is certainly capable than much more than the still image game play that Ren Py can offer.


After I took a picture of the little figurine, and the daydream/nightmare occurred, the screen goes white. The first time, the screen stayed white and I had to kill the game.
Next time, the dialogue sort of bunched up, multiple textboxes superimposed on each other, as I remember. I did get to move on though.


This is subjective, take it with a grain of salt.

I admit I skipped through the tutorial, since it kept bugging me. I prefer to find things out by myself, and not be forced to read a bunch of messages, when I want to advance the story instead. I was getting increasingly impatient about it, and just skipped through it after a while, since it felt like control was taken from me, and I was put through school. Again, I much prefer less hand holding, so this is subjective.


Lastly, I've been enjoying various VN's posted on this site for the last year or so. I've been thinking of offering to produce music for a VN. I noticed you already have some music. If you'd like, I'm offering to produce some more. Free of charge for now, I'm only looking to contribute for the joy of it.

I have a soundcloud that admittedly I haven't been posting much on for years, but there are a couple of new minor projects on there;

I'm mostly on Youtube these days, but that's a different style of music less suited for a visual novel. Anyway that was just an offer, you mayb already have what you need in that department.

I wish you all the best with the project!


Hey sorry to bother you again but I'm curious about when we can expect any form of update to this game.  I dont mean to be rude, I just really look forward to exploring this VN some more when its possible 

at this point, sounds more like it is a failed project, which is a shame, showed some real potential.


Just to prevent any misinformation being spread: The project is still alive and work on the actual game is still ongoing. Since I'm just a single person with a dayjob creating this game in my free time, development is naturally going at a slow pace, and I can't make even a rough estimate how long it is going to be until the next update, much less when the full game is going to completed (the latter might take years, no illusion there). It will be done, when it's done. ;3

That doesn't mean however that the project is dead.

that at least is very good news to hear. thank you

By demo, do you mean it's not finished? And that the finished version will be available later, or that there is a finished version somewhere else, and this is a taste of it

Yes, it's still very much work in progress, so the finished version will be available at some later point. I'm working on the game in my freetime beside my dayjob, so unfortunately I can't give an estimated release date. I will post any new update here on this site, once there is one, so you won't have to search anywhere else.

No trouble uwu you aren't some robot, you got a life to live outside of your hobbies and the people that enjoy your work uwu

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